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Control and protection devices
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Protocol converter Modbus RS-485 via mobile communication ЕM - 486

Main features

SMS-control and email alert


  • Flexible configuration tool for SMS and email alerts via web-interface;


  • Device response for command by SMS: on/off relay, request for parameter values;


  • Logbook of sent alerts and complete history of all the events responses.


Data history acquisition


  • Background reading of parameters from connected Modbus devices via RS-485 with random frequency;


  • Cloud storage with no limit for reading quantity (1 month for guaranteed history storing);


  • Scan data history displaying in table and graph for any period;


  • Comparison of graphs and the list of several parameters values;


  • The ability to download the history of readings from the server in Excel and CSV format.


Telemetry and real-time control


  • Displaying the parameters values of Modbus connected devices in real time;


  • Recording the values into registers of Modbus devices (for remote configuration / programming the devices);


  • Displaying of the dispatching widgets with the values of critical parameters and alerts on the overview panel;


  • Customized: creation of own dispatching panels with process visualization, displaying and real-time control.


Easy connection


  • Access from worldwide without the need for additional configuration;


  • In-built system for bypassing firewalls;


  • Automatic operation with dynamic IP addresses, without need a separate charge for static external IP;


  • Internet access via GSM (SIM-card is inserted in the device);


  • Interface customized to mobile devices;


  • Connection to existing Modbus networks without affecting the operation of the existing external dispatching system or SCADA.


  • The possibility of combining the distributed objects in one account.


4 common inputs for measurements


  • Analog signals 0-10V and 4-20mA (0-20mA) — pressure transducers, humidity sensors, speed transducers, etc.;


  • Discrete signals 0/1 — optical sensors, protection, leakage, smoke, position, etc.;


  • Temperature NTC — common temperature sensor;


  • Resistive — light sensors, pressure transducers, filling sensors, etc.;


  • Pulse counter — connection of meters (kW, m3, kg/pairs…) at pulse output.


Combining 2 and more Modbus networks into one account


Logic control on the controller side


  • Programming the logic for the data processing using simple language executable by the device ЕМ-486;


  • Adjustment of operation modes of the connected devices based on the values of other devices;


  • Sending SMS directly from the device without having Internet connection.


Program ЕТ-486

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