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MCK-301-61 Temperature Controller

MCK 301-61 Temperature Controller is designed for climate equipment control in the room
MCK-301-61 Temperature Controller, фото

MCK 301-61 Temperature Controller  is designed for climate equipment control in the room and has the following functions:



  • controls the temperature by means of two independent temperature sensors;


  •  indicates the average room temperature;


  • controls the proper functionality and controls the operation of two independent air conditioners


  • disables all climate equipment when fire alarm occurs;


  • controls and reports about the failure of temperature sensors.



The device supports the following modes:



  • thermostat mode with connected heater;


  • thermostat mode with air conditioning zone controlling;


  • alarm mode;


  • test mode.



The front panel includes LEDs indicating:



  • «COMP» — air conditioner №1 turn on/off;


  • «FAN» — air conditioner №2 turn on/off;


  • «DEF» — electric heater turn on/off;


  •  «SET» — mode settings.



A three-digit seven-segment display and four buttons on the front panel allow the user to set and control the following parameters:



  • average temperature in the range of 0 — 35 ° C;


  •  thermostat operation;


  • reserve air conditioner operation;


  • programmable time delay (0 — 60 min) of reserve air conditioner turn off;


  •  lower temperature limit;


  • two upper temperature limits;


  • error correction value of temperature sensors;


  • upper and lower temperature alarm;


  • upper and lower air conditioning threshold zone;


  • minimum time of the climate equipment turn on/off;


  • fire sensor analysis resolution;


  • password for the user and for the adjuster.

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