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Control and protection devices
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RPM-416 Data Analysis


Control Panel PRM-416 Data Analysis (hereinafter PU) is designed to control and configure the device «Registrar electrical parameters PRM-416» for the Modbus TCP communication protocol. PU allows you to save (load) various settings of the DVR. The data obtained after the entry registrar, can be viewed on a graph, comparing the parameters with each other.


Provides printing and saving data in text format (.csv). Graphic PU interface allows you to monitor the current status of the various recorder parameters in real time. Simultaneous work with several registrars (up to 10 devices). Instructions for updating the firmware download.



The RPM-416 Data Analysis version shall correspond to the version of a logger Software



RPM-416 Data Analysis (11 version), RPM-416 Data Analysis (12 version), RPM-416 Data Analysis (13 version)RPM-416 Data Analysis (14 version)

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