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Universal Protection Unit for Electric Motors

UBZ-302 universal unit for asynchronous induction electric motors protection

UBZ-302 universal unit for asynchronous induction electric motors protection

The unit is designed for continuous monitoring of three-phase electrical equipment parameters (primarily 3-phase asynchronous induction electro motors):



  • mains voltage, phase/line RMS currents,


  • wattage,


  • positive and negative sequence voltages and currents,


  • isolation resistance to frame,


  • differential ground leak currents (zero sequence currents),


  • temperature operation modes.




The unit has been designed for wide range of applications in the buildings engineering systems (heating, ventilation, water supply, air-conditioning),Automatic Process Control Systems and industrial automation systems, systems of control, accounting and scheduling.




It is equipped with complete set of protections implemented in UBZ-301 version. It additionally provides protection against long lasting start and rotor blockage, as well as motor winding overheating monitoring with use of temperature sensors.



Availability of another output relay allows for an additional operation mode:



  • wye-delta switching;


  • «delayed start» power-on (for example, cascade motor energizing);


  • remote signaling system relay.

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