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Current relays and power limiters

Overcurrent relay is designed for load shedding when step-up value is above the set one. Flat-rating relays are designed to measure and continuously control active or full load capacity.

Current Relays and Power Limiters
Overcurrent relay is designed for load shedding when step-up value is above the set one.  Flat-rating relays are designed to measure and continuously control active or full load capacity.
Current relays and power limiters, presented by Novatek-Electro manufacturing Company, have high performance characteristics allowing the devices for domestic and industrial applications use.
Device Operating Principle
Current relay is a device designed for current consumption continuous monitoring and electrical devices, transformers, motors against voltage drops, short circuits and other violations in the power supply network protection. Current relay operational principle is based on the current effective value measurement. In case the set value is exceeded, the current control relay will disconnect the protected equipment.
Devices of this type are used to control:

Generators and pumping systems;
Machine-tool equipment of various types;
Household appliances.

Power limiter has a similar operating principle that is characteristic of a load-current limiter. The device controls the consumer power consumtion for high-quality operation and, if exceeded, according to the set parameters, disables this consumer.
In the case of third-party consumers to the network unauthorized access such devices have a control function, as well as function of electrical wiring when excess power is consumed protection. At the same time, power limiters are equipped with automatic reclosing (ACR) function, which allows the device to resume operation after an accident occurs.
Novatek Electro Products
The Company is represented on the electrical products market by single-phase and three-phase power limiters and current protection devices in various modifications.
Flat-Rating Devices
OM-110 – This power relay can be used as:

Digital wattmeter (active or full power meter);
Watts input limiting relay;
Priority load relay.

Its main purpose is to control active or full power of a single-phase load.
The following parameters can be set:

Power limit value threshold (range from 0 to 20 kW)
Turn-off delay;
Turn-on delay (ACR).

OM-110-01 is OM-110 power limiter modification. A voltage relay function is added to this product.
Like OM-110, the device is designed to protect against:

Worn out electric networks;
From power overloads;
Unauthorized connections, as well as for power consumption measuring and controlling.

OM-163 –This single-phase power control relay is in demand due to its multifunctionality. Three-charge seven-segment device indicator displays measured parameters. To change the displayed parameter types just use the buttons to switch to the desired setting.
To prevent accidental changes in settings, the device provides for locking the menu with a password and an additional switch.
This device is capable of the following parameters controlling:

Full, active or reactive power;
Effective current;
Voltage (maximum/minimum value).

ОМ-310 – this three-phase power control relay provides devices operation with a load power ranging from 2.5 to 30 kW if built-in current transformers are used, as well as up to 350 kW if current transformers are external and the network is with insulated neutral.
The device functionality is broader:

Protection against overloads in the mains;
Complete load disconnection when the power indicators are exceeded;
Partial load disconnection with power consumption increase;
Parameter measurements controlling and three-phase network values displaying;
Alarm warning in the event of an accident;
Remote control capability, in particular, user connection/disconnection.

Current Control Devices
RMT-101 – AC current relay is used for effective current values of a single-phase load ranging from 0 to 100A measuring and control.
The device is widely used as:

Digital ammeter;
Consumption current-limit control relay;
Priority load relay.

LED display shows the measured load current value. The front panel indicators display load status
(on/off), as well as three-phase current relay setting current alarm value, that is the on/off parameter, as well as maximum current exceeding value are displayed.
In addition to the load current maximum value setting, the device provides opportunity to adjust the turn-off delay time when an alarm occurs, as well as the load turn-on delay (ACR), after the current value restoring.
RMT-104 is the device designed to control single-phase load current values ranging from 1 to 400A. When user-defined parameters are exceeded, the load is disconnected. The device is equipped with independent time delay and further automatic turn-on delay (ACR) or it blocking function. User can set re-activation parameters independently by means of potentiometers on the device front panel.


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