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Multifunctional time delay relays

Electronic two-channel time relays with turn-on delay are intended for alternating current and direct current electric networks switching with adjustable time delay.

Multiplying Time Relays
Electronic time relay is a device designed to create a time delay in the process of alarm and other devices turning on or off. In simple terms, when some automatic action performance is needed not immediately but after a user-defined time interval, then time relay with turn-on delay application will be useful and relevant.
Time relays are presented in a wide range in the electrical products market. One of the most demanded is Novatek Electro’s products, which offers reliable multiplying time relays at an affordable price. Each digital time relay, presented by the Company, is intended for switching AC and DC electrical networks with the device operation parameters settings (switching on, switching off, etc.).
Scope of Application
Cyclic time relay, despite the large number of modern controllers with logical software functions, is an unchanged component of the automation circuits.
Due to its operation simplicity and low cost, turn-on delay relay has a wide range of applications, both in complex automated processes and as a stand-alone device for performing simple tasks of various devices controlling.
At this rate, software time relay can act as a pre-start signaling for various types of industrial and household equipment, for automatic switching or as a turn-on delay relay for:

Drives and pumps;
Feeding and irrigation systems;
Lighting and heating systems;

REV Relay Features and Specifications
Two devices are included in the group: REV 201 two-channel time relay and
REV 201M two-channel electronic time relay.
In the first case, the device is used for AC circuit 220V/50Hz and DC circuit 24-100V voltage cross-plugging. Time delay is adjustable from 0 to 220 seconds. Each of the two channels acts as an independent 220V time relay, and the time countdown starts from the moment the power is fed to the channel.
The second device is designed for AC circuit 230/240 V/50Hz and DC circuit 24-100V voltage cross-plugging.
REV 201M electronic two-channel time relay in any modification operates according to one of set by the user algorithms:

Turn-on delay;
Turn-off delay.

The devices operate in two modes:

Independent – this mode can be conditionally described as one of two separate relays operation, since independent power is supplied to each of the channels at a time. The time delay starts at the moment the power is supplied;
Parallel – in this mode the power is supplied simultaneously to each of the channels, and time delay is also calculated the same.

The channels load control is easily performed by means of green (appears when power is available in the network) and red (lights up when the load relay is switched on) signal indicators.
As to the time relays used for domestic and industrial processes automation advantages, the following indicative criteria can be identified:

Signal processing is performed in digital mode;
The device has high accuracy degree in terms of given algorithms retaining;
Light indicator to facilitate the device control availability;
The relay operates over a wide range of mains voltage;
No separate operational power is required;
The device easy operation and mounting (fastened on a standard DIN-rail);
Low energy consumption, the device low weight and dimensions;
The device is independent of the network voltage variations frequency;
The device operation is not affected by surrounding factors such as changes in temperature conditions, humidity, etc.;
The device galvanically isolated power supply with output circuits.

REV Microprocessor Time Relays
The Company also offers consumers its advanced and improved developments REV 114 and REV 120 time relays that are microprocessor-based devices for the load switching on/off at the user-defined time intervals.
The new time relays for switching off and on are equipped with a functional button control panel which allows setting up the device quickly as well as performing its operation visual control easily. In these devices, the algorithms menu that can be set by the user is extended.
For more information about all device features see technical documentation posted on the website under each of the product name or contact our experts online.


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