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Phase selector switch

Designed to supply industrial and household single-phase loads of 220 V/50 Hz from a three-phase four-wire network of 3 × 380 + N to ensure uninterrupted power supply to highly responsible single-phase consumers and protect them from unacceptable voltage fluctuations in the network.

Phase Selector Switches
Automatic phase selector switch is a device that performs function of overvoltage protection as well as voltage in phase availability and quality control. The device automatically selects the nearest phase priority and couples a single-phase load to it. An automatic phase selector switch is used in industrial and household sectors, where a single-phase load is required from a three-phase 4-wire network. Thus, voltage fluctuations in the network are not allowed and uninterrupted power supply of the responsible single-phase consumer is ensured.
Novatek-Electro is a Company that manufactures multifunctional phase selector switches (PEF-301, PEF-319), which are connected to a three-phase network to ensure uninterrupted operation, as well as single-phase devices and transformers safe start-up and shutdown, and offers advantageous terms of sale to all customers without exception.
Electrical Appliances AdequateProtection
A phase selector switching device in a house or an industrial facility is a reliable guarantee that “sensitive” appliances will be adequately protected from failure when a poor source of voltage on the network.
An automatic device connected to a three-phase network will independently select the phase with optimal parameters. At the same time, the device control, namely the most favorable phase selection, is fast enough.
PEF-301, PEF-319 can be used as a backup power switch, when switch from the main power supply with its substandard parameters to the backup power is performed, and also return to the main power (priority phase) when the parameters are restored.
Devices Features
PEF-301 electric switch selects the optimum phase based on the network voltage quality. Direct power from the device is carried out at a load power of up to 3.5 kW (16 A). If the load power exceeds 3.5 kW, the device controls automatic tripping contactor coils.
Voltage quality settings (minimum and maximum values) are specified by the user. For this purpose special controls are provided on the front panel of the case.
This type of power switch device advantages are:

a fixed 12 seconds delay to avoid a false switching to the standby phase during a period of voltage in the network drop below a specified minimum value;
a possibility of return to the priority phase eliminating when the device is used to power small consumers where frequent switching is not desirable;
the device design allows to avoid phase-to-phase contact due to the contacts sealing due to a special incorporation of three built-in relays switching on.

PEF-319 electronic phase switch, unlike the device previous model, provides power supply load at a load power of up to 6.6 kW (30 A). If the load power exceeds 6.6 kW, the device controls automatic tripping contactor coils.
In general, load switches are similar in operating parameters.
PEF-319 device key features are:

possibility to switch to the priority from the backup phase after the priority phase parameters restoring in the specified by the user return time from 5 to 200 sec.;
digital indicator that displays the voltage value of the phase from which the load is fed availability. With the load switched off,  the voltage value of the phase closest in voltage to the set voltage range is displayed on a digital indicator;
one of the green LEDs on the device front panel glow indicates the phase to which the load is connected, as well as the red LED flashing to monitor the emergency situation.

If voltage across all three phases does not match the specified quality parameters the load is disabled. After restoring voltage parameters within permissible limits on one of the phases, the phase switching device will connect the load to this phase.


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