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Programmable timers with photo relay and voltage monitor

Designed to enable/disable one or two loads at pre-set times, taking into account the mains voltage and external photosensor illumination.

Programmable Timers
Electronic timer relay is a device for domestic or industrial use. Its operation principle is simple – at a certain, programmed time, the device sends a signal (turns on the relay contacts). There are various mechanical and digital types of timer relays. In the first case, the device functionality is limited by a simple transient signal mode, whereas the digital device is more powerful.
Novatek Electro offers consumers a programmable timer, with possibility to control and delay set signal for a day, a week or another given period. Such a device is widely used in many domestic and industrial areas for air conditioning, lighting, hot water supply and production equipment.
Due to its wide functionality and high performance, the daily time relay is very much in demand. Our products are successfully sold in former CIS countries, in Europe and other parts of the world. We offer advantageous terms of cooperation to dealers and producer prices to wholesale and retail customers.
Device Operation – Features and Benefits
Week-long time relay we offer is universal.
The device provides operation of:

Five operating modes;
Four time modes;
Two independent specified by the timer sets of commands.

The device combines a real-time timer, a voltage relay and a photo relay. In the event of voltage fluctuations and power failures, the programmable parameters are preserved due to nonvolatile memory. The timer relay permissible load current is 16 A; at a higher current – the load is controlled by a magnetic starter (contactor).
The digital time relay is equipped with a LED panel that provides opportunity to control the device operation by indicating:

The timer operation mode and current time;
The device load (on/off) in the given time;
Voltage in the network availability and its current value;
Illumination level and other indicators.

Device Menu
Device parameters programming is performed by means of a simple menu.
It provides opportunity to set:

The device operation mode;
Turn-on delay timer;
Turn-off delay timer;
A set of additional parameters;
The current time and day of the week;
Permissible voltage maximum/minimum values;
Timer for the relay in the shutdown mode on the upper/lower voltage threshold triggering;
Lighting parameters;
Time for the relay in the load disconnecting mode after the specified network parameters restoration triggering.

In addition, the time relay provides opportunity to view the completed tasks list, create a list of new events, reset the parameters and change them. For a detailed list of features, see the instructions attached to the device.


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