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Pumping Stations Controllers (level control relay, pressure control relay)

Pumping station controller is designed to provide systems for technological processes associated with monitoring and maintaining a given level of liquid substances in various types of tanks automation by electric motor (electric motors) of one or two pumps controlling.

Pumping Station Controllers
Automated pumping station controller is a device that allows automating technological processes associated with monitoring and maintaining a given level of liquid in various types of tanks.
Novatek-Electro Company presents its development to consumers: that is a modern liquid level control device, which is recommended to establish various technological processes sound operation aimed at a certain liquid level in tanks maintaining by one or more pumps electric motors controlling.
The liquid level control device operates in conjunction with pressure control sensors or fluid level conductivity sensors (based on the fluid electrical resistance measurement).
We offer
In the electrical products manufacturer range two versatile devices for pumping stations are presented, they are MSK-107 and MSK-108.
The device for this type of pump is designed to operate with liquids of varying degrees of electrical conductivity:

clean tap water;
water with small impurities and contaminants;
milk and other food products (nonacid, alkali, etc.).

Pumping station automation devices provide one or two pumps electric motor (motors) control both in automatic mode via one of the built-in algorithms and in manual mode according to the user’s commands from the front panel or push-button station
Liquid specified level maintenance is ensured by:

with a single phase power of up to 1 kW, – by means of a built-in load relay;
with a three-phase electric motor or with a single-phase electric motor with power of more than 1 kW – by means of automatic tripping contactor (contactor) coil controlling.

Devices Features
MSK-108 is a simple device with necessary set of functions for maintaining water or other liquids level in tanks.
MSK-107 additionally provides:

basic appliance parameters and electric motor (motors) remote control via RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces (MODBUS protocol) setting;
the device joint operation with UBZ-301 Universal Protection Block, which provides:
electric motors protection in case of low-quality mains voltage (unacceptable voltage surges, phase failure, phase sequence interruption and phase adhesion,  phase/line voltages misalignment) or mechanical overloads;
electric motor consumption indication;
measured and calculated data, setting parameters and UBZ-301 modes transmission via RS-232 or RS-485 interface;
joint operation with a personal computer with a specially developed “Control panel and MSK-107 status control” software, posted on Novatek-Electro website. The software is designed to monitor MSK-107 and UBZ-301 status and data collection via RS-232 or RS-485 interface. The software allows saving (downloading) various MSK-107 settings, collecting data and saving it for further analysis. The saved data can be viewed as graphs comparing the parameters with each other. The software graphical interface allows MSK-107 various parameters current state real-time monitoring.

Maintenance Conditions
Water level or other liquid level controller is designed for operation under the following conditions:

ambient temperature range – from -35 to + 55 °C;
atmospheric pressure – from 84 to 106.7 kPa;
air relative humidity – 30-80% at t +25°С.

All detailed instructions for the device operation are supplied with the goods sold. We offer manufacturer prices and our products quality guarantee. In addition, we cooperate with wholesale buyers and dealers on more advantageous terms. All comprehensive information is available on the Company’s website.


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