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Recorder of electric process

RPM recorder is a microprocessor device designed to measure electrical parameters values, display these values on the recorder display, and also archive the data.

Electrical parameters recorder is a microprocessor device the purpose of which is to measure and archive electrical network data. All the values of the network parameters measurement are not only displayed on the device display, but also stored on a removable memory card, which makes further data and values analysis convenient and available.
Novatek Electro Company offers consumers RPM-416, electrical network functional digital analyzer. Its application makes DC voltage and strength, AC voltage and power operating parameters, and also electricity metering measuring possible. In addition, the device is used for archiving and storing information about transient and stationary processes and for analyzing associated deviations in electrical networks.
Network voltage recorder was developed by the Company’s specialists taking into account all requirements for this type of appliances.

Versatility – the device can be connected to Ethernet network using standard 10Base-T and 100Base-T interfaces, as well as to Overvis system, with data transfer to a PC.
Additional features –  the device provides for auxiliary modules connection, which operation provides for expansion of incoming signals spectrum (temperature, voltage, current, discrete inputs);
Functionality – one multichannel registrar of the RPM-416 network will suffice for the monitored object;
Ease of connection – it is ensured by galvanic isolation of current and voltage incoming signals from the other inputs;
Data safety guarantee – the device reliability is evaluated as high since the device is equipped with an automatic self-monitoring system. Data storage algorithm is developed taking into account all possible failures in power supply and other emergency situations;
Handy Setup Menu – the device is equipped with a keyboard to configure and then manage the device. Data is displayed on a 4-string display, equipped with a backlight for more accessible monitoring of the recorder progress.

Remote Access and Monitoring
Convenience of using the recorder for electrical network parameters measuring is certainly obvious. If the device is installed in a remote location and connected to an Ethernet network, it can transfer information to a PC while simultaneously archiving data to a memory card. This ensures the object condition round-the-clock remote tracking. Whereas, the records stored on the memory card can be used for more detailed analysis.
In addition to remote access to the recorder via the web interface, it is possible to make necessary changes to the device configuration without any additional software installation. Data and files on the memory card can also be remotely accessed via an FTP server.
For more information about the network parameters recorder operation and its connection to various network clients possibilities, see operation manual on our Company’s official website.


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