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Single-phase voltage monitoring relays

Single-phase voltage relays are designed to protect single-phase loads from mains voltage unacceptable fluctuations. They are equipped with a wide range of settings, including on-delay setting for refrigerating, compressor and air conditioning equipment protection.

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  • single-phase voltage monitoring relay
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Single-Phase Voltage Relays
A single-phase voltage relay is a device intended for effective voltage automatic control and such equipment as home appliances and other devices in homes and offices protection (disconnection). This process is required when the voltage deviates from the set values.
Voltage relay (single-phase) only performs the function of protection against voltage drops. When the supply network is worn out, single-phase loads distribution is not properly performed (due to the maintenance personnel low skills), as well as in case of “zero” disconnection or any other electricity network emergency, the device performs “consumer protection” by de-energizing in order to prevent the equipment failure.
In What Cases are Voltage Relays Required?
Novatek-Electro Company is a successful electrical products manufacturer, including advanced surge reduction devices.
Our recommendations for voltage relay, which you can purchase by placing an order directly on the Company official website, choise are determined by the following positions:

When protection against voltage surges in an apartment, where a neutral conductor cutoff failure is a frequent phenomenon, is appropriate. In this case, a single-phase voltage relay for household use will become a household appliances salvage, since, in case of “zero” disconnection some phases have a dangerous voltage increase of up to 380V and many devices connected to the mains are simply get out of order.
In case of three phases in a house, after several single-phase “consumers” with high power inclusion, an imbalance in the phases may occur, which will cause a voltage drop on the most loaded phase; in such a case in order to protect against power surges, it is better to purchase several single-phase voltage relays. This will help to protect the equipment connected to the phase with invalid parameters, and disconnection will not be performed on the remaining phases where voltage meets the requirements.
If voltage relay for the whole apartment installation is not possible, a voltage plug socket relay will help to protect electrical appliances by automatically disconnecting the connected equipment in case of unacceptable voltage deviations and resuming the devices operation with its normal performance.

How to Choose Right Voltage Surge Protection
Emergency and other voltage surge situations in the mains can be avoided by plugging equipment to the network through a voltage plug-socket relay or by installing a voltage relay on the DIN-rail in the input circuit breaker panel.
When purchasing the device, it is worth taking into account power margin of 20-30% more than maximum permissible load power. In simple terms, if circuit breaker is rated at 25 A, the voltage relay selection must be at least 32 A.
For more detailed information on single-phase devices to protect against voltage surges see our Company’s products in the relevant section of the website, as well as contact our managers.
Novatek-Electro Quality Statement
Novatek-Electro products are presented in many countries of the world, which means that the developed by us devices are in demand and competitive. Purchasing our products, you get a certified commodity with warranty of up to five years.
We deal with retail customers, sell products by wholesale and sell through dealers. Sales and delivery terms will be profitable and affordable for each of our customers.
You can purchase the following types of single-phase voltage relays, each of which has its own connection type:

Volt Control, plug-socket series – the device operates by plugging it into an outlet and is used to protect individual household appliance or a group of “consumers”;
Volt Control (for installation in a power supply board) – is a device with a wide range of settings suitable for protecting not only a single appliance, but also devices throughout apartment, in a house, and at industrial facilities. It is mounted on a standard DIN-rail in a power supply board.


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