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Temperature controllers

MSK-301, MSK-102, TR temperature controllers are designed to control freezers, refrigerated counters, monoblocks and other refrigeration commercial and industrial equipment.

Temperature Controllers
Temperature relay is a programmable microprocessor controller that maintains specified temperature regime where technology parameters high accuracy is required. The device is widely used to control and regulate various production processes temperature within industrial equipment management systems.
Temperature controllers, presented on electrical product market by the Novatek Electro Company, have a wide range of applications in many areas of industry where different processes are involved:

Heating and ventilation, hot water supply and air-conditioning systems;
Refrigeration units and fire alarm systems;
Industrial furnaces of different purposefulness;
Alarms and drying chambers;
Indoor climate control systems, etc.

Novatek-Electro Modern Temperature Controllers Models
Microprocessor temperature controllers are designed on PID (proportional-plus-integral-plus-derivative control) controller basis that allow the user to adjust and set various parameters of the device settings.
Thermostat temperature controller has a design feature, which is a LED panel for the specified parameters indication. This feature makes the device easy and practical to use.
Thus, the panel displays various values that help to monitor:

Current values, parameters to be changed;
User defined parameters.
Deviations from the specified values;
Alarms and the device oeration status indicators.

Depending on the modification, the programmable temperature controller can be mounted in control cabinets or DIN-rail, as well as directly into the equipment case, but in such a way as to exclude moisture on the device.
The Company presents the following model range of microprocessor controllers:
TR-100m is a digital air temperature controller with external sensors used to control dry transformer operating mode as well as motors and generators temperature.
TR-12 is a thermostat, used as an indoor air temperature control relay in greenhouses, vegetable depots and incubators. The device also performs an additional function of a voltage relay, which prevents an unacceptable excess of network load.
TR-100 is a relay-temperature regulator with sensors, equipped with additional signal lights, warning of the load output beyond the limits set parameters.
TR-101 is the device with a fairly wide applications range – communal, rural, industrial economy and a multifunctional system for parameters regulating. It is important to mount the device in locations where it can not contact wet and corrosive (alkali, acid, oil) media.
TR-102 is the device completed as a block with a cyclic control circuit, which performs the set temperature in 4 thermal zones support. The device is user programmable, able to save all settings as long as the power is turned off and remotely transmit data to a PC via the Modbus RTU protocol.
MSK-102-14 is a refrigeration equipment (freezers, commercial refrigeration counters, monoblocks, and other units) temperature controller. The device feature is a possibility to program time for the equipment automatic defrosting by disabling the compressor.
MSK-102-20 is a device for refrigeration units’ temperature control; it controls the compressor equipment by maintaining the required temperature and also performs compressor protection (shutdown) in case of the supply network poor parameters.
MSK-301-3 is an indoor air temperature relay-regulator, which signals set by the user maximum values exceeding or minimum parameters attainment. In case of emergency it disables a controlled appliance.
MSK-301-54 controls refrigeration equipment, in particular, special chambers for bananas ripening and storage. It is equipped with three external sensors, which regulate and control compressor, gas supply unit, fan, and power heater operation.
MSK-301-61 is a device that acts as an indoor air temperature climate control. It has a broad scope of application.
MSK-301-78 is a water/air temperature control relay. The device is used for low-temperature refrigeration units, which are part of semi-solid frozen soils design, efficient control.
MSK-301-86 is a device designed to control refrigeration units of industrial and commercial purposes.
Choice in Favor of Novatek-Electro Temperature Controllers
All of the presented products proved to be practical, versatile and highly accurate.
Our devices advantages are:

A wide range of models and budget prices;
Temperature parameters simultaneous measurement and adjustment (if necessary);
Various, non-complex, device controlling options;
Possibility to set diverse tasks and parameters, including heating and cooling processes in a simultaneous mode control;
Possibility to obtain qualified assistance for the device installation, connection, and operation.


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