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Three-phase voltage-sensitive relays

Used to protect three-phase consumers from the network unacceptable voltage fluctuations, phase failure and electrical imbalance, clumping, and phase sequence disruption.

Three-Phase Voltage Relays
3-phase voltage control relay is a protective device designed to ensure three-phase AC consumers operation in case of supply voltage unacceptable fluctuations, phase failure and electrical imbalance, clumping, and phase sequence disruption.
In the event of voltage variation in the network, i.e. admissible values exceeding or voltage below the minimum level reduction, any industrial purpose electric motor or household appliance may get out of service. That is why the importance of a three-phase relay to control electrical load mounting is relevant and certainly justified.
Novatek-Electro is a wholesale and retail Company selling three-phase voltage control relays . We offer advantageous terms of sale to all our customers and dealers. Our products, which include three-phase control relay, due to their functionality, practicality and adequate price, are popular and in high demand.
Device Features and Scope
Three-phase electric motor from overloading protection is necessary both in household and many production areas.
Three-phase voltage relay is used to ensure proper operation of:

Air-conditioning systems;
Refrigerating equipment;
Compressor systems;
In automatic-transfer scheme equipment and any other equipment with electric motor driven load.

Novatek Electro three-phase voltage relays are produced in different modifications, taking into account problem networks needs with not only voltage irregularity, but also switching and impulse disturbances. The devices are equipped with special under-voltage delay, which makes digital three-phase voltage relay effective in short-time voltage dips operation.
Three-phase voltage relay devices are mounted on a standard DIN-rail, they are light-weight and compact, which makes the device mounting and maintenance simple and safe.
The device is connected in parallel with the load, but, what is noteworthy its operation does not depend on the load power. On the outputs the three-phase protection relay is equipped with two groups of pins (closed and open) independent of each other and capable of switching loads of up to 5A.
Product Portfolio
The three-phase voltage control relay is represented by the following product range:

RNPP-311 – is the device ensuring consumer operation under possible main types of accidents in electric networks condition, such as supply voltage triggering values exceeding, clumping or phase sequence disruption and full-phase disorder;
RNPP-311M –three-phase voltage control is performed under the same conditions as in case of RNPP-311 device. However, LED display panel in this model is improved and, in addition to supply voltage and load status, indicates emergency type greatly facilitating the user subsequent actions.
RNPP-301 – in this modification three-phase voltage and phase control relay, provides the device in linear and phase voltage modes operation has 6 potentiometers for parameters setting and the device operation adjustment.
RNPP-302 – the device has a more-expanded menu, which besides basic functions allows setting violation delay time interval, specified parameters, with the ability to automatically start-up, after admissible network values are restored.
RNPP-311-1 – is a two-channel device and in addition to three-phase voltage relay main functions can control network frequency.
RNPP-311-2 – is a two-channel device that controls 3-phase 380V / 50Hz network with high accuracy, and is also equipped with signal indicators that report to the user on the network full phase or partial phase loss.

The device is completed with manufacturer warranty, as well as complete detailed instruction that will help the user mount the device correctly, maintain it in operation, and correctly interpret the display panel readings.


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