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Universal Motor Protection Devices

Designed for three-phase electrical equipment operation performance continuous control

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  • Universal Electric Motor Protection Device
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  • Universal Electric Motor Protection Device
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  • Universal Electric Motor Protection Device
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Universal Motor Protection Devices
Designed for three-phase electrical equipment operation performance continuous control.
Any electrical equipment to some extent is subject to emergency situations, which often result in other devices operation and power system as a whole malfunctions. The most common and generally accepted type of electric motor due to its operation simplicity, inexpensive cost and reliability is asynchronous. However, its operation requires constant monitoring.
Novatek Electro Company constantly develops and improves motor protection devices offering consumers a wide range of products. These devices are designed for three-phase motors constant control, namely, control of:

Network voltages;
Linear/phase currents effective values;
Positive/negative-sequence current;
Active, reactive and full power consumption;
Insulation resistance to the housing;
temperature conditions;
electrical leakage to the ground.

Emergency Situations and their Consequences
Asynchronous motors protection is required in the following emergency situations:
Phase interruption (PI) occurs in 50% of the cases. This occurs in case of:

a closed-circuit in phase fault;
current overload;
electric cable ignition;
Phase conductor contact poor-quality fixing and its burnout.

PI does not always cause the engine to stop, but, with increased loads on the shaft, the electric motor overheats, which results in its burnout and failure.
The remaining 50 per cent of emergency cases are:

Phase sequence disfunction is possible in case of erroneous repairs in the electrical control room and cable system;
Phases clumping occurs when the power cord insulation is broken, as well as due to the wires on the supports overlap position;
Electrical imbalance occurs when the load on the phases is distributed unevenly;
Engine cooling control system failure;
Other technology overloads.

Devices Used to Protect Electric Motors from Overloads
Electric motor controller, depending on its type, may perform one or more of the following types of electric motor protection:

From a short circuit;
From ground short-circuit;
Minimum and maximum current.

Novatek Company offers the following types of electric motor protection devices:
UBZ-301 Protection Block
Presented to consumers in three modifications, classification of which is based on the range of rated current-50-50 A, 10-100 A, 63-630 A. Each of these devices protects three-phase electric motor from phase failure; at insufficient voltage in the network and at other mechanical deviations. The device operates with high degree of accuracy and reliability.
The device is a microprocessor-based automatic device that does not require an on-line power supply. In case of emergency situations in the mains voltage the device automatically restarts after all parameters are restored. If the problem occurs in the electric motor itself, the device blocks its restart.
UBZ-302 Protection Block
Priority purpose of the device is to protect the three-phase electric motor from phase failure and other parameters of three-phase asynchronous electric motors control. Its protection kit contains a complete set of parameters implemented in UBZ-301 device. In addition, the device provides additional electric motor thermal protection, as well as protection against rotor and delayed start-up locking.
The three-phase electric motors protection device is used to maintain qualitative performance of various engineering and industrial systems, such as:

Heating and water supply:
Ventilation and air-conditioning;
Automatic control and recording of production;
Technological process management.

UBZ-302-01 Protection Block
A multipurpose device used for two-speed electric motors, namely for network voltage parameters, insulation resistance of the device and active values of linear and phase currents control.
A set of parameters is performed using software tasks set by the user. After setting the operating parameters it is possible to set the device to automatically turn off or on.
UBZ-304 and UBZ-305 Protection Blocks
Electric motors relay protection by means of UBZ 304 and 305, which operate with devices in the power range from 2.5 to 315 kW and subject to the use of standard external transformers with a current output of 5A.
These multipurpose devices operate on an isolated network and solidly-earthed neutral. The difference between the devices is in their performance, that is electrical control room for model 304, and DIN-rail – for model 305.
UBZ-115 Protection Block
This device model is used to protect a single-phase electric motor with a power of up to 5.5 kW and a current strength of up to 25A. The device provides thermal protection of the motor, as well as electric motor protection in the event of such emergencies as:

Supply-line voltage disfunction;
Delayed start-up (equipped with reduced-voltage start function, with remote control possibility);
“Dry running”, when the load on the electric motor shaft disappears “
Mechanical overload.

UBZ-118 Protection Block
The operating principle of this device is similar to that of the UBZ-115, with the difference that electric motor power for UBZ-118 is up to 2.6 kW. The device is designed for asynchronous single-phase electric motors that operate on a single phase-shifting condenser, that is, the connection circuit does not involve a start-up condenser.
To understand operation principle of each device in more detail use technical documentation available on the Company’s website. In case of additional questions that have arisen in the process of studying, get our specialists free consultation online.


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