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Data logger RPM-416

Data logger RPM-416

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The data logger RPM-416 is a microprocessor device designed to measure and control electrical parameters on the display of a data logger, as well as for archiving data. The write speed to the SD card is from 0.001 seconds.

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Firmware: EN-V11 , EN-V12 , EN-V14, EN-V15 ,EN-V16, EN-V17, EN-V18

Instructions for updating the firmware:  download

RPM-416 Data analysis : download

RPM-416 is a microprocessor device designed to measure the values of the parameters of the electric network, as well as display and save these values.

Data is written to a memory card (SD / MMC) (speed from 0.001 seconds) and can be analyzed using the RPM-416 DataAnalysissoftware.


  • Multi-channeling– only one recorder is needed to get all complete data on monitored facility operations.
  • Flexibility– recorder provides functionality to connect additional modules to expand the range of input signals (voltage, current, temperature, discreteinputs, etc.).
  • Galvanic separation unit– input signals of high voltage and current are galvanically separated from other inputs which ensures easy setup of the controller.
  • Highreliability– self-control system and datasaving algorithm prevent data loss in the case of emergency situations (e.g. power outages).
  • Easysetup– fourline character backlight display can be used to configure the recorder and to monitor its operation (recorded values of input signals are shown on the display). Keyboard allows the administrator to configure and manage the recorder.
  • Remote monitoring and configuration – recorder installed in a difficult to access place but connected to Ethernet all ows datatransferring on a PC along with recording on a memorycard.


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